‘I’d Read Plato, and Listen to Sly Stone’: Cornel West’s Testimony


The Bully Pulpit

Cornel West“I’m a Jesus-loving blues man in the life of the mind.

I’m a Christ-centered Jazz man, which means that I do try to take, quite seriously, the endless quest for unarmed truth, understanding that a condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak. So I don’t even think about trying to be true unless I’ve tried to enact and embody a sensitivity, even a hyper-sensitivity to the pain, the suffering, the hurts, the wounds, the scars, the bruises of people.

That deep compassion that you not only talk about, but that you embody…

Just. Bear. Witness. Be a sermon rather than give one. You don’t even need to talk about humility; just be humble. You know, a couple of months ago in the States, we had a sustained discourse on civility; and you know, I thought – why don’t you just be civil? Why do you have to have…

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2 thoughts on “‘I’d Read Plato, and Listen to Sly Stone’: Cornel West’s Testimony

  1. Hi! I was actually watching this on Bully Pulpit when your post popped up in my e-mail. It’s very interesting. I clicked a couple more related videos, including this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygQ-n50bZbI. I enjoy your blog, and find myself in good company when our faces seem to pop up in the likes on a number of blogs. Great minds and all that! Nice to know you! Diane

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