Practicing patience pays off…

Today, I got the “action-y” part of my day taken care of early, as I had hoped. As I was proceeding through it all, it became clear that the process was going to require quite a lot of patience over a period of time, and I realized that I was fine with that. 


I got to the grocery store and up to the check-out, and the cashier, who I adore, told me that their DSL had been slow all day and that I might need to be a bit patient. I said, “I am in no rush. Being patient seems to be the order of the day today.” She looked at me with big eyes, vigorously nodding her head she responded, “It really does seem like that, doesn’t it”?

Sometimes God sends us orders for the day, in fact, He probably sends them all of the time, we just often do not hear them. Today I am listening because God is asking me to be patient instead of rushing through everything. It’s a good order for all of us, and who knows what unfortunate circumstances we may avoid by simply slowing down and being patient.

I got home and sat on my front steps and listened to the bull frogs talking to each other in the pond in the front yard. There is more than one now, and they sound hysterical conversing. I sat and listened and giggled to myself. Last night, sitting in the same spot, I saw my first fireflies of the year. Nothing makes me happier than the first glimpse of fireflies. Three nights ago, I saw a double rainbow from the same spot. Life is grand even when we have to wait, and probably even more grand when we take the time to wait and look around. Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “Practicing patience pays off…

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  2. Fireflies and bullfrogs … sounds like a wonderful start to your week! I hope the week continues to be filled with beauty and delight!

  3. Several years ago our pastor asked us to try taking the longest line at the bank or grocery store to work on patience. I thought he was crazy, but now and again I’ll do it anyhow and it does seem to slow me down enough to actually be patient! 😉

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