Quote ~ On ‘Hate the Sin’

Hate is never a good thing…ever. This, I do love!

Spiritual Drift

I like this . . .

This is a quote I ran across while researching a completely different topic.  Still, I felt it an appropriate word of caution, especially given our socio-political climate today.

“Hating the sin while claiming to love the sinner too easily spreads hate in the world, because I am convinced that hate is just too strong a human emotion for us to keep under control.  We, as humans, are not disciplined enough to handle our hate, and when we give into it, it becomes a white-hot consuming fire within us that blinds us to all else . . . If we are going to hate anyone’s sin, the only person whose sin we have a right to hate is our own, and that’s it.  And yet, I place a word of caution in even doing that – the same slippery slope that applies to hating…

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4 thoughts on “Quote ~ On ‘Hate the Sin’

  1. Many years ago I had to give my oldest son a lesson in hate. It was a very hard lesson. It resulted in the first tears he shed after my shooting, nearly three months after. He had bottled all his anger and fear up, held on to it. Then it exploded. We talked for hours as he told me what and who he hated. It was a very large group and it was very ugly. He hated ‘n*ggers’ because they had shot me. Well no, only three young Black men had done this terrible thing. But we live in Texas and he went to school with hard heads, they focused him. I told him, please call your Aunt Kim, my best friend of 30 years a woman he had grown up knowing and loving, tell her you hate her. “I don’t hate Aunt Kim, I love her.”
    “No, you don’t you just said you don’t.”
    “She doesn’t count. I love her.”
    “No, she counts that is what you said.”
    This went on for a long time, he finally started to cry. He was so hurt. He was so afraid. He was so angry. I explain, Hate is active it has to be fed, it is like fire without fuel it dies. You can’t hate everyone just because of what those three did, they were teenagers should I hate all teenagers?
    “I am a teenager,” he said.
    “Should I hate all teenage boys?”
    “No! I am a teenage boy.”
    He stared at me for a long time. He finally got it and cried more. He said he was sorry and we talked about his anger. This is what I said.
    “Now call your Aunt Kim, tell her you are sorry.”
    “Do I have to, I didn’t say it to her.”
    “Yes, you have to. You thought it and it was terrible. You have to talk to her she loves you.”
    He did, they talked for a long time. He has never said he hated anything since, except Brussel Sprouts and Yellow Squash.

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