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The Ungodliest Version of Me*

Yes, this….

Inner Angels & Enemies


Have you ever experienced an immense trial, and found you managed to bear through it? You knew that you had a good reason to loose the plot, however, you found a supernatural place of calm amidst the storm. Have you gone through some of the most troubling ordeals and not been shaken, in faith or character, by them? I believe I have, once or twice.

On the other hand, in the most unfathomable fashion, a tiny splinter of affliction can send us spinning into a cycle of destructive behaviour. Transforming us into the most ungodly version of ourselves. I have definitely been there too. When being a prisoner of our own flesh becomes unbearable. I have felt like this more times than I can count, especially during bouts of depression. I am sure many others have too.


Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I quite like being…

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Quote ~ On ‘Hate the Sin’

Hate is never a good thing…ever. This, I do love!

Spiritual Drift

I like this . . .

This is a quote I ran across while researching a completely different topic.  Still, I felt it an appropriate word of caution, especially given our socio-political climate today.

“Hating the sin while claiming to love the sinner too easily spreads hate in the world, because I am convinced that hate is just too strong a human emotion for us to keep under control.  We, as humans, are not disciplined enough to handle our hate, and when we give into it, it becomes a white-hot consuming fire within us that blinds us to all else . . . If we are going to hate anyone’s sin, the only person whose sin we have a right to hate is our own, and that’s it.  And yet, I place a word of caution in even doing that – the same slippery slope that applies to hating…

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