Maine Blizzard 2013–A Pictorial

Yes, I survived the great blizzard of 2013!  If you want to have people coming out of the woodwork to fret over you, just live somewhere where blizzards are rare, and have a lot of friends who have never been through a blizzard.  It is true.  Heck, even my children, who never worry about me–much—were worried.  It was crazy, and unsettling, and sweet all, at the same time.

What many people forget is that I am not from Maine.  I was born and raised in Montana.  I cut my baby teeth on icicles, and learned to walk, talk, and drive, in blizzards.  In all of my growing up years, we had one snow day, and it was really an early dismissal day for what was termed a “Killer storm.”  I was in high school and could not drive yet.  In a stunning turn of events, I missed the bus home.  I never did that.  I called my Mom and she told me to walk home, so I did.  I am still alive, obviously, and that was quite a long time ago.

I tried to explain to my 8-year-old son what a blizzard was like.  It was Friday, and it was snowing quite a lot, and he had a snow day.  I kept telling him that the real fun was yet to come.  Of course, being The Queen of Storm Prep, I had been taken out well in advance to get food, water, and wood products.  I spent three days gathering downed wood around my place, and sawing it up, and piling it up.  I had water bottles filled, candles, an oil lamp, and I made sure there were fresh batteries in my combo weather radio/LED flashlight/siren thing.  I had called the neighbors, who have a generator, to see if their offer of lodging if we ever needed it was still open.  It was.  I also found out that my landlords, who do the plowing, were in Mexico, and that my neighbors had arranged for plowing down the luge run.  I was quite grateful.  They have just gotten back two days prior from a month in South Carolina.

By midday Friday, it looked like this:

So, we got some snow...

So, we got some snow…

The lad and I took a walk outside.  It was calm and idyllic, aside from the 10 degree temperatures.

How lovely is this, right?

How lovely is this, right?

It was completely gorgeous.  The world around us sparkled and shined.

Making tracks...

Making tracks…

Such beauty everywhere, and in our own backyard, too!

Snow frosted trees.

Snow frosted trees.

I knew it was not going to last, so we had a nice dinner, watched a movie, and I bathed the child, ran the vacuum, and the dishwasher, and handed the child his own mini LED flashlight to put by his bed. I filled the bathtub, and put extra logs on the fire, and I prayed.  I told the little man that if he woke up and the nightlight in the stairway was off, then we had lost power.  I begged him not to freak out, but to simply reach down, grab his flashlight, point it towards my bed, and make his way over.  I woke up many times during the night–darned night sweats– and the nightlight shone on.  The sun came up around 7 a.m., and the light shone on.  I muttered a small “Hallelujah!”  The little man crawled in bed with me and said, “This doesn’t seem so bad.  I don’t see any snow.  Oh, wait! The snow is going so fast I can’t see it!  Now I get it!”

Once the sun came up, it looked like this, not even 24 hours later.

Yes, I do believe that IS my car.

Yes, I do believe that IS my car.

This is the snowed in screened porch door.

The little man is taking a LeapPad video ;-)

The little man is taking a LeapPad video 😉

Miss Kitty, our cat, was beside herself, when she was not sleeping.  She likes to do her dirty work outside.  Her disdain for her litter box was evident.  She was going nowhere as far as I was concerened.  By late afternoon, we decided to start to dig out.

Close to butt-deep.

Close to butt-deep.

Our home:

Our home.

Our home.

Truly butt-deep.

Truly butt-deep.

The road to nowhere.

The road to nowhere.

Men at work...staged!

Men at work…staged!

We were truly blessed!  We never lost power.  We had plenty of wood.  Our road was plowed well before Sunday morning, and we got out yesterday, even if it was for me to clean a house.  The little man is back to school today.  We were truly blessed!

I have a theory, and it has worked well for me so far.  If you bust your rear end preparing for the worst, then the worst never happens.  If you take no time to prepare, then you will find yourself up a creek without a paddle, because you would have a paddle if you had prepared!  I am not superstitious, either, but on Saturday, no matter how many times people asked if we still had power, or in how many different ways, I never mentioned the word “power” until midday yesterday.  We never lost power.  Just sayin’ and feeling very grateful and waiting for spring!  I am also praising Jesus quite a lot!

15 thoughts on “Maine Blizzard 2013–A Pictorial

  1. Great post. I know that nervous dread when you think you could lose power or something worse could happen. Glad you made it through! I agree. When I go on a walk and I bring an umbrella it never rains. If I don’t take an umbrella that’s when it rains. Being prepared just makes you feel so much better. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful pictures and great post!! I’m not too thrilled with lots of snow, but it is SOOO much better with all those gorgeous trees! Your house, and the little man are pretty cool, too!

  3. Oh my…!
    Coming from an area in Australia where we don’t see snow (in fact, I’ve only seen snow on 3 occasions) this absolutely boggles my mind. My hat is off to you… Your attitude is delightful.. 🙂

  4. I had to giggle at “truly butt-deep”. I was shocked we didn’t lose power at all, either. It did flicker but that was all. I hear tonight we’re not getting nearly as much snow as they had said earlier. As pretty as it is, I am done with it!

    • Yes, we are not to get nearly as much, that is why I stocked up on more candles. This stuff is supposed to be wet and heavy, if they ever make up their minds about how much there will be. I always end up on the cusp anyway. Torn between two snow falls amounts, feeling like a fool….darned songs everywhere today!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Being a Chicago girl (living for over 20 years in California), I admit; I miss those big storms on occasion. Your final paragraph is sooooo true. My dad used to preach that to us kids all the time. He had this “seven Ps” saying — maybe you’re familiar? Glad all is okay. Make a snow angel for me… 🙂

  6. Amazing Pictures! Hard to imagine all that snow while sitting here in a singlet with the fan on in Sunny Queensland on the last day of summer. 😉 …Yes praise God indeed. Glad you got through unscathed with His hand. Blessings to you!

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