Yes, this, for the past month and it’s been awful. Good things are right around the corner, but getting to them? Is it bedtime yet??


Run through midnight dunes with sparklers

or lie down on the dark shore and let life wash over you?


Here it is again, giving up season. No, I’m not talking about Lent.  I’m talking about one of those phases in which we feel defeated by the overwhelming requirements of life. It’s when you find yourself constantly giving up what makes you hop out of bed in the morning in order to fulfill pressing and unavoidable obligations. We don’t have a choice.  There’s no way around the onslaught of work and need requiring our attention. We give up because it’s easier to do what’s expected and right now we don’t have the strength to handle day-to-day chaos AND live vividly outside of the status quo.

How to Know When You Have Been Stricken by Giving Up

The following are a few symptoms of the dreaded season: crying in the shower, 4AM anxiety…

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  1. Thank you so much for re-blogging. Your support and encouragement is not unnoticed. I’m happy it resonated with you but also wish you freedom from the obligatory nuttiness.;)

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