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Soul Healing Art

” A Woman’s Voice”

My sister, my sister
How long have you been silent?

Your vision scorched, as the sun set upon the harvest,
and still you said nothing?

Why, my sister, why?

Did you believe in your strength to re-birth?
How many times, my sister, how many times?

I have watched you-
And in awe I have stood
as the world poked its dark
head from your hairy lips-

and only then did you lend
silence your precious voice.

In birth your cry out, but not in death?

Why, my sister, why?

When you were little,
(by which I mean, before you were Woman)
was silence a choice or an opinion?

Let me end my silent choice, sister, and let me express:

God did not grant you the world
between your legs and upon your breast

For you to hold your tongue, tight-fisted
While all around you ended.


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